Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya and East Africa

Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya and East Africa

Are you searching which are the best web hosting companies in Kenya and East Africa? It can be hard and confusing to pick from the various service providers available and that’s why we have made things easy for you. We have done our research and compared different web hosting service providers in Kenya and east Africa and settled on the best based on a number of factors as you will see below.

We have narrowed down to top three web hosting service providers in Kenya and East Africa. There’s therefore no need for you to go on a wild goose chase and probably even end up with a raw deal. You can make your research much easier if you sign up with one of our suggestions here and get the right deal.

In coming up with this list of best web hosting services in Kenya and East Africa, we based our research on actual experiences from different websites of our clients. These include web design services or SEO services clients who have already signed up with different web hosting service providers. In instances where they are not getting value for money and good service we recommend them to the suggestions here. We are therefore recommending service providers we are sure of.

The criteria we used to settle on these top web hosting providers in Kenya and East Africa:

Cost- our list of suggested service providers don’t all offer the same price for any particular package whether starter or premium packages. Each has its own pricing model though the price differences are quite small. We leave this to you to decide which you want to go for.

Features- what you are paying for is very important. Again here there are some differences on what you pay for at any given package. Consider your needs and compare what each service provider offers for any package to see if it suits your needs. This can be determined with the nature of your website and what it will be used for. In some cases, a website might need uploading files both by the clients and admins. In such a case you should go with a package that gives you more disk space and RAM too. Also if your website will experience high traffic from visitors you need more bandwidth to avoid clients being locked out as seen below from a local website that sells fast foods.

This can be very detrimental to your business because clients can’t get the information they want, place an order or interact at all with your website. Avoid those service providers that give you small amounts of bandwidth per  month. If you can get unlimited bandwidth if your website will be getting high traffic the better.

Uptime- all the suggested service providers here promise to give you a 99.9% uptime. And from our own experience this is true. Only once we had one of our client’s website down but other websites hosted with the same service provider were up. The problem was there’s an update that had not completed from the host side and upon contacting them it was sorted out immediately. So from our own experience it safe to say that the 99.9% uptime is guarantee is true.

Customer care- having a responsive and prompt customer care is very important when an issue comes up you need it sorted out immediately. All our suggestions have impressive customer care response times. What more is that they have an online chat you can engage their customer care from different pages/sections of their website. However it’s important to note that not all have 24 hour customer care services so at night some might not respond.

Our list of top web hosting companies in Kenya and East Africa include the following:

  1. HostPinnacle Kenya-

They offer one of the best web hosting services in Kenya and East Africa. Their packages are feature rich and very affordable for even the most budget conscious person. You can have a domain registered and hosted for a whole year for as low as Ksh 1500 or $15. Yes you got that right- cheaper than a meal in some hotels or even your monthly shopping budget.

From our personal experience their service is among the best if not the best. They have a very responsive customer care and give you up to 76 hours after your issue has been fixed in case you need to engage them further. Even after the ticket is closed you can always reopen it again by commenting on the same ticket with your inquiry.

They have a feature rich Cpanel that also has a 1-click installer for CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc and give you a free SSL certificate. They always have the latest stable PHP version and Cpanel installed cache plugin which is better than having it as a back-end plugin. This increases your website speed exponentially. You can also create unlimited number of emails for your personnel.

If you are looking for a great web hosting deal in terms of price and features HostPinnacle is a real deal.

Click here to check Hostpinnacle packages or to sign up.

  1. Kenya Web Experts-

The other service provider among our top web hosting service providers in Kenya and East Africa is Kenya Web Experts. These folks have been around for some time and host some very popular websites including county government websites. You are therefore assured that your website will always be up and running and is hosted among important websites that need to be always up and running. Yours will also be up and running.

They also have a feature rich Cpanel that also has a 1-click installer for CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. They also have the latest most stable PHP version among other great features. Kenya Web Experts also give you a free SSL certificate. Another great feature in unlimited number of email accounts you can create for your team and departments.

Their client portfolio range from county governments, universities, parastatals, celebrities, politicians, political parties, embassies, government departments etc.

To see Kenya Web Experts packages click here.


  1. TrueHost-

The third option on our list of top web hosting companies in Kenya and East Africa is TrueHost. They also offer very affordable prices and great features for their packages. Their uptime is also on point and their customer care is quite responsive.

They also have a feature rich Cpanel that also has a 1-click installer for CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc. Their packages are also very generous and affordable for anyone who’s on a budget. They too give you a free SSL certificate and have the latest most stable PHP version available for you. Just like the others mentioned above, you can create as many emails as you need for your teams.

To see TrueHost packages or sign up click here.


The above three are our preferred and recommended web hosting services providers in Kenya and East Africa. Click on the links provided to view the features of each and see which best serves your needs. We hope you find what you need without going further because these are service providers we have had first-hand experience with and know we are recommending reliable and reputable companies.

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