Top 3 Web Hosting Providers in Kenya

Top 3 Web Hosting Providers in Kenya

There isn’t a shortage of web hosting service providers in Kenya but not all of them are reliable. At Target Point Digital, we have first-hand experience from different web hosting companies operating in Kenya and we know which are the best. We have acquired clients for our services like SEO or website redesign who have different hosts from the past which has given us a good experience with different service providers. From our experience we have narrowed down the top 3 web hosting providers in Kenya that we always recommend anyone to switch to.

Why we picked these as the top 3 best web hosting services in Kenya

There are three web hosting companies in Kenya we believe are the best from our experience and we recommend them to anyone who seeks solid performance and value for their money. These top 3 best web hosting services in Kenya are most suited for both small and large business websites. They are also good for CMS based websites like WordPress, Joomla etc. as well as static websites that are custom coded.

If you also want to migrate your host to any of them, they give a very easy process of migrating. They have very customer care support whenever you need their assistance. However you will rarely require their customer care support because their uptime is as good as what you can get in the developed world. All of them give you a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

Their C-panels are feature rich with all the features you need for configuring and managing your website. They come with 1-click CMS install that takes away the stress of installing/uploading your website. They also come with the latest most stable PHP version which means your website will always be secure.

Top 3 web hosting providers in Kenya

  1. HostPinnacle Kenya

HostPinnacle Kenya is one of the best web hosting companies in Kenya in terms of price and features. You get premium features even at their cheapest package. This enables anyone on a budget especially when starting out to enjoy all the features needed for a successful online presence. Their solid performance and reliability makes them among the top web hosting service providers in Kenya. A number of our clients use their services.

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  1. Kenya Web Experts

Kenya Web Experts is known for hosting some very renowned brands/institutions’ websites. Though not cheaper than the other two mentioned here(the difference is very small), they offer great features and solid performance. Celebrities, universities, county governments, embassies, politicians and political parties etc. are some of their clientele. This shows that they are quite reliable and trusted for their excellent services.

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  1. TrueHost

Another top web hosting service provider in our list is TrueHost. They offer affordable services with some really great features. They are very reliable and their uptime is guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about your website going offline when needed most. Indeed TrueHost are true to their word.

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We hope the above list of top 3 web hosting service providers in Kenya will help you make an informed decision. It is from our personal experience that we have narrowed down to these three and we believe you don’t really need any other web hosting service provider. Choosing any of these guarantees you value for money and peace of mind that your online side of business will not suffer.

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